Monday, June 17, 2013

A day of frustration!

Well today just didn't start the way I had anticipated. A quick little disagreement with my boyfriend, about the training skills of our puppy. He chooses one way and I do things a little different. Being the one who has had puppies before I think experience should choose the way of the training but this particular morning that was not the case. After the disagreement things settled down, he headed to work, while I spend a extra few minutes coddling the puppy "Jep".

After I arrived at my grandparents in the morning I just got so down. My grandfather is not doing well and seeing him like this doesn't feel very good. Regardless of my feelings I fixed his pant legs like I have begun doing every morning. Once he was ready to head out for the day my grandmother and I helped him to his truck, making sure he had what he needed. Lunchbox, notebook, ext. He is a very strong man, almost 80 years old and still working 7 days a week. Its probably time for him to slow down a bit but mentioning that to him is like talking to a brick wall..... you will get no where. After he left I chit chatted with my grandmother for a bit talking about jobs and my lack of interest in a job that seems to be becoming a nuance. Soon I should be starting my job with the Postal service.... it truly cannot come soon enough. All of a sudden thing's at work have gotten strange. My boss is acting differently towards me, some of the "higher up's", it has just gotten a little to awkward for my liking.

Work is no easy task today, after arriving, I started working on inventory in shipping.... being that my job is computers this was definitely a nice chance of scenery. Although frustrated I hung in there trying to find the parts that were NOT! in there designated places. I finished only to find out that most of the parts I was looking for were no value and wasted my time looking for them. Welcome to the world of frustration! After finally getting back to my office my phone is ringing, after seeing who was calling me I did NOT want to answer the phone but being the only IT person in the building today I was obligated to. Someone once again forgot their e-mail pass word. You use it every freaking day and cant remember it.... seriously right the damn thing down!!!  After revealing to the co- worker what their password was, I got off the phone. Of course there was yet AGAIN another problem, so they call me immediately back. I answer their next problem with ease and again we hang up. Mean while I am trying to talk to another co worker answering their question when my phone rings for a third time. By now I am fed up with the first co-worker so I have a little irritation in my voice. I quickly get her off the phone and go over to just fix the problem so the phone calls will come to a screeching hault.... I hope.

Enough about the day lets move on to bigger issues. It is as if my life is in shambles. My boyfriend has just gotten back to work and we are still struggling with bills. This is just ABSURD I have never had this many problems with bills before in my life. I have been seeing a councilor to try and get my anger issues under control with the help of some medication aka (Happy Pills) but the new ones just don't seem to be working. I told my boyfriend last night that the thought of having a child has popped into my mind over the weekend. Knowing he doesn't want a child I wasn't sure how he would take the news. We surprisingly did not argue but simply dropped the subject. Sure it will come up again many times but easing into it may be the best way to hand it, especially due to our financial status. We just got a puppy and he is a handful at the moment, he is a wonderful dog but it seems to be a bit more of a challenge than I remember house breaking him.

My day is not over yet but that is all I have to say for now.

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