Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just plain nonsense

Well some of you may be wondering where I have gone to... Well I've had and eventful few days. Friday when I got out of work me and the boyfriend just drove around town for a bit and Enjoyed each other's company. Then Saturday of course I went to work as that was the day inventory at work officially started. My goal for the day was to get one of the smaller warehouses done. I actually got it done in no time at all, although I thought it was going to take forever. Sunday we had a day just to ourselves, we lounged around the house trying to avoid the heat. It was actually quite nice. This weekend will be different though, and I cannot wait. 

Our camper is still over at my boyfriend's mom's house, so every other weekend we head over there and camp out for the weekend. I cannot wait this weekend because his uncle might be bringing his camper and joining us. It will be fun to have us all there hanging out, grilling food and having a good time. Friday night we are all hopefully headed to the race track so I can see my secrete lover Kurt race... (he isn't really my secrete lover I just like to believe hi is sometimes.) When the race's are over we will have probably spent all our money for the week and then we will head for the camper. I'm hoping people aren't to tired so we can start a small fire and hang around it for a while. Saturday I'm very hopeful that My boyfriend's mom, uncle, and I can all go thrift shopping. My boyfriend's mom will take her brother, and keeps saying she'll take me..... it just hasn't happened yet. So I figure the three of us she might go for it. Saturday night is going to be the best though. We're going to the dance in town and I'll be busting out the moves. (no matter how bad they are haha) Speaking of the dance I need to e-mail some people and see if they want to go. 

I have some gibberish I'd like to get into involving the topic of men but I think that may be better off saved for some other time. 

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