Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Obnoxious pet peeve

So I have what some people think is an odd pet peeve but truly lots of people have this particular one. HEAVY BREATHERS! I personally cannot stand to even be in the same room as a heavy breather. Now I'm not entirely sure where this came from but I know it bugs the shit out of me. If I can hear your breathing you are either to close or you've go some type of breathing problem. I don't want to hear someone else breath. Hell I don't even want to hear myself breath, which by the way I don't.... I happen to be a very quite breather. I truly think there is no quicker way to piss me of then to breath heavy while in the same general area of me. At work we recently hired this high- schooler and he happen's to be one of the loudest breather's I know... and go figure I am the one he is to answer to. Boy I think this was a co-worker relation made in HELL! For a while there he was not coming to work due to school and finals which was quite delightful. I did not know when he would return but today..... my last day before inventory hell he show's up. He cannot just sit over on the other side of the building and do what I asked him to... no he has to come over about every ten minutes and drive me just a little more bat shit crazy. 

The other day at home my boyfriend was doing this whole breath heavy thing thinking it would be funny to get a reaction out of me.... boy he did not know what he had coming. Needless to say I'm not sure he will be doing that again anytime soon. Its just ungodly annoying. If you have a pet peeve feel free to share it...... rant over!

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