Monday, June 17, 2013

Absurd Family Relations?!

So here's a little family rant..... 

      I have 3 brother's as much as I don't like to acknowledge one of them as a sibling they still are. Two of them are very successful, in the United States Marine Corps. The other one however boy would I like to beat him. He's a little shit head. He steals, lies, and breaks the law all the time. I mean seriously how is it three out of us four kids turned out ok?! Obviously something went seriously wrong here. My youngest brother (actually he's a step brother) is currently still on the run from the police. Well go figure he's not smart enough to turn himself in, I figure he just want's free food, cable and a place to stay for a while. Why else would he be so stupid. It would be nice to see him behind bars, yes I do mean that. He has screwed up to many times.... If the courts don't do something soon he may end up killing someone with his childish ways. 

As for my father, well he keeps letting people back into his life that well frankly he shouldn't. My cousin's have almost cost him his job on more that one occasion but he seems to keep letting them come back. Maybe he just doesn't care anymore, he gets all pissed off at them then wham a week later they are back. Now my relation with my father is slowly getting better, its nothing to write home about but we have civil conversations. -----

Minor interjection- At work here we just did a crazy shuffle, it started to sprinkle out and it was announced over the intercom. Everyone slowly got up and started walking to their vehicles..... 2 second's later we hear it's down pouring.....   Now picture 50+ ant's running to avoid drowning in water, well that was us. Everyone had their windows down due to the fact it had been 80 degrees out. Now we are all a little damp and stuck inside for the rest of the afternoon.

---- Now where were we.... oh yes me and my father. Well thing's are turning around but we will never have that lovey father daughter relationship most children have with their fathers. It's been a rough road up till now. For quite some time I always wanted more from my father, that fairy-tale father daughter bond. Needless to say that never happened.... only talking when he wanted something or a computer question arose from his wife. There was not coddling from him, I was just a little person living under his roof, or so it felt. Finally one day I decided enough is enough and stopped talking to him. I no longer go out of my way to talk to him or see him. If he wants to talk I give him that option. My phone is always on and my number is the same as always. 

I'm sure you are all just annoyed by now with my stupid writing's but tough shit. You don't have to read it. On the other hand if you are enjoying it feel free to comment, I will be writing more. This blog thing is kind of cool.

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