Monday, June 17, 2013

Boyfriend troubles

Well the night started off a little wacky, I took jep to the vets, and he was a complete mainic. He wouldn't listen at all and was completely rediculous while in the vets office. It was just the trip from hell.

Speeking of hell; I feel as though my relationship is going to hell. Tonight my boyfriend tells me he keeps his mouth shut so that I don't get mad due to my short temper. Of course this pisses me off because it makes me wonder what I've done to make him mad that he has neglected to tell me. Its so frusterating being in a relationship and not talking to one another. I mean arnt you suppose to talk about these things in a relationship.  Not necessarily being an ass hole about it but at least telling one another when something is bothering. 
Then he tells me he kept his mouth shut over the weekend. I thought we had one of the best weekends ever but I guess I was wrong.  Then I asked what he ment by that and it turned into a very silent vehicle ride home.

Why is it that relationships are so hard. Apparently loving one another means nothing if you cannot get along. I loathe feeling like I did when I was a child, usless and non existent.  Feeling insignificant is extremely irritating.

Now that, that is out of my system I think its time for bed.

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